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Portable Spectrophotometer

Portable spectrophotometers are the prefect instruments to test physical samples using full spectrum color measurement. These devices analyse the spectrum of a sample’s reflectance by each wavelength as well as other properties that includes the absorbance or transmittance. With this, it generates accurate data that’s otherwise not visible to the human eye. Spectrophotometers can also calibrate psychophysical colorimetric information if required. These instruments can effectively measure metamerism, establishes color strength, evaluates a wide range of samples, and offer a choice to either include or exclude spectacular reflectance. We are manufacturers of high-quality products from both international and local market.With 10+ years of experience, we cater to a big list of prestigious clients. Our products are sold in the various government institutions, research centres, etc. Moreover, we also take pride in our service engineers who are highly experienced and are available in all four zones of India (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkata). They are internationally trained and are highly proficient in their work. Our packaging packets are tested in big companies and are checked for their strength and weaknesses to ensure superior quality. We are supplier of portable spectrophotometers that are reasonably priced and for those who have a tight budget can also buy from domestic market.