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CS-800 Desktop Spectrophotometer

Measure the number of photons with this high performing spectrophotometer, CS-800 that offers test calibre upward. This instrument is the first in the desktop category in India to fill in the domestic market space. It has only improved over the years in terms of performance and now captures the major market segment.
CS-800 is known for using D/8 geometry with integrated sphere diffused illumination that offers 8-degree view. It also helps measure SCI/SCE simultaneously that goes with lighting review conditions.
This machine is best for colour measurement. It gives maximum colorimetric values within 0.03 (∆E*ab) that helps produce all the important colours for food, coating, clothes, printing, medicine a, etc. It offers observation with upward testing calibre that makes it convenient for all types of sample testing. You can place samples in solid form such as, cloth or steel, particles like tablets, items in powder form like coffee, calcium carbonate, and paste items like tomato ketchup, etc. directly on the measurement calibre or in the cuvette based on the product.


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