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CS-801 Benchtop Spectrophotometer

CS-801 Benchtop Spectrophotometer is a high-performance benchtop colour measuring instrument that features test calibre sideward. This device uses D/8 geometry for integrated sphere diffused illumination with 8-degree viewing. It also adopts the assimilation of the full band composite light source along with double beam optical system and Every Test Calibration (real-time) technology. The instruments ensure standard deviation of spectral reflectance within 0.08 and the max colorimetric value that it reaches is0.03 of ∆E*ab. This helps obtain all the required colour formula and so, can help find colour measurements for all necessary materials like meat plastic, food, printing, coating, textile, items related to automobile, medicine and so on. At the same time, it measures SCI and SCE that’s adaptable with lighting measurement conditions (CIE recommended).

The side ward testing calibre function makes it fit for the samples. One can directly place a solid sample cloth over the testing calibre. If it’s a powder material or in paste form then these types of samples need to be placed on the testing calibre using a cuvette. The scattered powder is prevented from entering the integrated sphere by the sideward testing calibre that may otherwise affect the accuracy of the test. What’s interesting is that one can use samples of varied sizes and thickness and place it on the machine and prevents any light infusing into the device that may affect the measurement preciseness.


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