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CS-810 Transmitted Spectrophotometer

CS-810 Transmitted Spectrophotometer is known for its four major advantages. It can measure glass and liquid colour since this device is specially formulated to measure the concentration, transmittance, chromaticity, absorbance, and other units of a material effectively. It is known to make use of every test calibration function, CLEDs as light source (with uniform intensity across a wide range of spectrum), D/8 calibration structure, double optical path splitting system, and double grating. While it achieves a resolution of 0.0001 and offers standard deviation of 0.08% for transmittance repeatability, it also offers a chrome value of ∆E8*ab 0.015.

CS-810 Transmitted Spectrophotometer features CLEDs as the light source that offers complete balance ensuring enough distribution of spectrum that’s within the visible area. This helps avert any loss of spectrum of the white LED in a specific band and helps boost the speed and accuracy of the measurement.

It offers stable preciseness and repeatability in each test with the ETC (Every Test Calibration) as the standard white board is placed inside the optical system. Additionally, it makes use of UV-enhanced silicon photo diode that helps improve the transmittance measure range from 0-100% to 0-200%. This device is perfect to measure colours of glass and liquid.


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