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CS-820 Tabletop Spectrophotometer

CS-820 Tabletop Spectrophotometer is an instrument that can measure solid and liquid colours effectively and comes with several measuring calibres. Among its major features is the pulse xenon light of high magnitude and dual light path spectral test technology. Moreover, it is compatible with SCI and SCE measurement modes. The device sports a large screen that helps measure easily and offers convenient settings. It supports an efficient colour management software, and helps to measure both transmission and reflection. One of its features that we specially like is the UV light source which is adjustable and the four measurements calibres that it boasts of max 25.4mm.

It uses D/O geometry that offers 0 degree viewing and diffuses illumination, and helps measure different transmittance units like liquid APHA, Pt-Co index, Gardener index and other measurement units. CS-820 Tabletop Spectrophotometer uses D/8 geometry to measure reflectance. This device features 4 types of testing calibres of which the one which is the largest achieves 25.4mm to fulfil the requirement of the color measurement for variety of materials. At the same time, it reaches the sample reflection signal and the intensity signal of the light source that assures that it measures accuracy and long-term repeatability.

 Compatible for solid and liquid color measurement, has multiple measuring calibers

    • High intensity pulse xenon light
    • Dual light path spectral analysis technology
    • Has both SCI and SCE measurement modes
    • Extra large display screen for easier measurement and settings
    • Supporting color management software
    • Has both reflection and transmission measurement
    • Adjustable UV light source
    • Four measurement calibers, maximum is 25.4mm

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