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Hot Tack Tester

Basically, The Hot Tack Tester is used for the measurement of the strength of heat seals that formed between thermoplastic surfaces of flexible barrier materials and webs, immediately after a seal has
been made and before it cools to ambient temperature.
Main Features of Hot Tack Tester:
1:  Fully Touch screen operation, that makes it very easy to operate
2: Embedded system control, remote service and updating
3: TFT LCD display, UI flattening design
4: Dual heat jaws, temperature controlled independently
5: Micro-printer prints mini-report
6: Various Load cells configuration.
7: Hot tack curve and other graphics outputs.
8: The Variable constant rate of grip separation.
9. Pressure easy to adjust, heat temperature and time touch screen input.
10: Emergency stop button, safety design to prevent burns
11: Over temperature protection, overpressure protection
12: RS232 communication port.
13: DSM system is optional(Laboratory Management Information System), easy to manage
ASTM F1921, ASTM F2029, QB/T 2358(ZBY 28004), YBB 00122003
For More Information on our Hot Tack Tester, please download the catalogue.

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