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Sanwood Instrument Technology

Welcome to ATIS, the authorized dealer of imported machines from Sanwood. At ATIS, we offer high-end and the latest environmental test chambers that are made using the latest technology and are known to deliver 100% accurate results. Currently, our test chambers are being used in many businesses operating in different industries like aerospace, automotive, medical, electronic components, telecommunications, household appliances, and various others as well.

Since we procure the test chambers directly from the renowned environmental test chamber manufacturers, you can rest assured of the quality of our offered products. We offer different equipments in our Sanwood instrument technology range to meet the varied needs of our clients. All the offered machines are easy to use and highly reliable as they give precise results each time.

We also offer chambers sourced from top-notch climatic chamber manufacturer to meet the growing demand for these high-quality products in India. Several years of research and development forms the base of all our offered test chambers and they are sure to surpass your requirements for the good. You can also get in touch with our team to know about our test chambers including the ones procured from the temperature humidity chamber manufacturer.


You should choose ATIS for purchasing top-notch test equipment if you want:

  • Quality test equipment at fair prices
  • Easy to use machines having high reliability
  • Professional customer support both before and after a sale
  • 100% accurate results
  • Fast working machines
  • More durable products and much more

To have detailed insights on our products, contact our team today.


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138A, Village- Sultanpur Mazra Industrial Area, Delhi - 110086, INDIA
Email: info@atis.co.in
Phone: +91-8467877711

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