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Welcome to ATIS, a renowned provider of testing instruments in India. The businesses dealing with the packaging of food and drugs are always in need of quality instruments that can help them inspect the properties of each of their packaging in a precise manner. We are an authorized supplier of systester manufactured products that have been offering unmatched services for years.

If you were looking for advanced packaging testing products from a reliable WVTR manufacturer, then you are at the right place. We not only offer genuine and cost-effective Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTP) test system at fair prices but we also impeccable customer service. Our WVTR machine is used by many organizations to professionally check the permeability of water vapor through the material. The instrument can be used to materials like back-sheets, waterproof substances, medical components, and much more.

Provider of different food and drug packaging testing instruments 

ATIS procures high-quality testing instruments directly from renowned OTR/GTR manufacturer from different countries and makes the same easily available in India. The oxygen permeability/gas permeability tester equipments are made using the vacuum test principle and are applied on various food and packaging materials on different temperatures to measure the permeability level under varied temperature ranges.

Advanced and quality imported instruments from the top-notch testing instrument manufacturer 

Whether you run a mid-sized business or a large one, you will require supreme quality food or drug packaging tester instruments for meeting the highest standards of packaging as prescribed by the concerned authority. At ATIS, all your requirements for a precise and reliable testing instrument will be fulfilled. You can also get imported tensile instruments from us that offer 100% accurate test results. We offer different models to meet the varied industry needs.


ATIS should be your ultimate choice if you want:

  • Quality products at fair prices
  • Unmatched features and services
  • Testing instruments having a high-durability
  • Courteous before and after sale service
  • Products made using the latest advanced technology and much more

You can get in touch with our team to have insightful details of our products.


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