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Thermocouple Welder in India

Thermocouple Welder

Welcome to ATIS (Advanced Testing Instruments and Service), the leading supplier of thermocouple welder in India. We supply the high quality produce of thermocouple welder that is utilized in the manufacturing units, wherein large number of thermocouple junctions is produced. Additionally, the thermocouple welders are used in laboratories wherein testing and development work is taken care of by embedding the multipoint temperature sensing system using the test pieces.

We are the leading thermocouple welder supplier in the country and deliver quality produce from the renowned manufacturer of the welder named ‘Tester Store’. We make the finest range of testing instruments available for our esteemed clients at affordable prices. The products are designed using the high tech safety parameters following which the welder comes with a pen design format to perform the testing function.

Features of Thermocouple Welder

Our fine wire welder comes with the following features:

  • High quality bonding of wire
  • Utilized in various renowned laboratories and manufacturing units
  • Pen design format
  • Backed by overall safety measures
  • Global service delivery

Why choose us?

  • We are the premium traders in India to supply high quality produce of the renowned manufacturers. We supply ready to use Thermocouple welders and even customized solutions to suit the varied requirements made by the clients.
  • We offer the best service at economical rates to suit the budgetary conditions of our customers. In terms of cost and quality, we believe in offering high quality service at affordable price.
  • The thermocouple welder delivered by us comes with an easy-to-use facility that relies upon neglecting the usage of pliers for testing. Instead, a pen design format is embedded in the product to process the testing function.

Key Features Of Instrument:

  • Safety Welding Pen Design
  • Wire Gauge from AWG40 ~ AWG19 (0.1mm~1.1mm)
  • High-Quality Wire Bonded
  • For Wire Type K/J/E/T/N/R/S/B wire in one machine
  • Charging Time at Maximum Energy less than 3 seconds
  • According to International Voltage Market
  • 3 Position Energy Range Selections: LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH
  • Used by many famous manufacturer, test laboratories and research organization in global


Voltage Rating : 100~120V or 220~240V AC.
Store Energy Output : 0 to 60 joules
Cycle Time : Charging time at max. energy less than 3 sec.
Wire Gauge : : LO : 40 ~30 AWG (0.1~0.3mm / 0.003″~0.012″)
MED: 30 ~24 AWG (0.3~0.5mm / 0.012″ ~0.020″)
HI : 24 ~19 AWG (0.5~1.1mm / 0.020″ ~ 0.043″)
Thermcouple Type : Suitable for type K / J/ E/ T/ N/ R/ S/ B
Weld Cycle : Min 5 to 10 welds / min
Energy Controls : 3 position energy range switch
Energy Indicator : LED display to indicate charging status.
Circuit Protect : Circuit protect by 5A breaker
Suitable use for : Manufacturer / Work Shop / Laboratory / Engineering Dept. / Temperature Test.
Diamension : 220(W) x 120(H) x 200(D) mm
Weight : 5 KGS / 11 lbs

Latest testing instrument from ATIS

At ATIS, one can expect the effective range of testing instruments and service aids to process varied applications in manufacturing units and laboratories. We use the finest quality of products imported from the World’ renowned manufacturer and deliver it with quality service to our customers located worldwide.


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