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UV Lamp Aging Test Chamber

UV Lamp Aging Test Chamber

UV Lamp aging test chamber is the world’s most widely used ultraviolet aging test equipment, in the paint, ink, plastic, electronics industry has a wide range of applications.

Sno. Parameters Specifications
1. Inner Dimension: D×W×H≥ 450×1100×500
2. Number of test sample: Approximately 150×75mm 48 PCS
3. Temperature Range: RT+10℃~70℃
4. Humidity Range: ≥95%R.H
5. Humidity uniformity: within ±2%
6. Temperature uniformity: Within±2℃
7. Humidity fluctuation: Within ±2%
8. Distance between sample and tube: +50mm
9. Ultraviolet wavelength: 315nm~400nmUV-A
Lamp power: 40W
10. Ultraviolet wavelength: 280nm~400nmUV-B
Lamp power: 40W
11. Sink depth requirement: Automatic control
12. Blackboard temperature: 40℃~65℃
13. Test time: 0-999H Adjustable
14. Equipment needs to have the spray function
15. Temperature Controller: The Taiwan Taida touchscreen controller + Japan Mitsubishi PLC control
16. Time Controller: The Japanese Omron time computer integrated controller
17. Illumination heating system: The whole system is independent, nickel-chromium alloy electric heating
type heater

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